Identify issues affecting your site performance

Websites are the modern storefronts – it regularly needs a good polish just like a physical store would. A website audit, when done right, can help businesses avoid technical issues that cause performance problems.

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01.Avoid Losing
Potential Customers

Errors, redirects, and slow loading pages can cause potential customers to leave your website, hence, losing them
in the buying process. 

Doing a search on Google

02.Rank Higher in
Search Results Pages

A well-optimised website increases your SEO score, allowing your site pages to show up higher for relevant
searches on Google.

eCommerce Websites

03.ROI for Setting Up
a Website Increases

Your business website is an asset. See that you earn back the cost of setting one up by ensuring it is effective and functional. 


What a good website audit shows

Our website audit reports always cover the following parts so it’s easier to pin point and take action on any issue that’s keeping your website from performing its best.


A good audit shows page loading times for both mobile and desktop as well as how it scores based on found issues and warnings.


You should find a checklist specifying all the errors and technical issues detected from checking all the pages within your site.


An audit should provide you with a list of specific and actionable fixes that you can perform to eliminate any issues that are hurting your website performance.


Getting tips on optimising your site elements for conversions make a site audit even more valuable.


Our Website Audit Package

Valuable insights and actionable fixes in one package. Get a website audit document in 1-3 business days and start optimising your website’s performance.


Our audit document includes:

 Mobile and desktop loading times
• Site issues and errors
• Actionable fixes for issues found
• Conversion optimisation tips
• Other tips on improving content and design

Our pricing is exclusive of GST.

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